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Harry Manx — San Diego - Tijuana
Album: Mantras for Madmen
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Total ratings: 28

Released: 2005
Length: 3:52
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He's great  live in a small venue

I agree that Lindley's version is alright, like Manx he's a great slide player but seriously, Harry Manx is a great singer. His voice conveys so much emotion from joy to sorrow and you can't fake that shit. I read that he spent 12 years living in India studying music and meditation. He brings the whole mystery of the East down on this California groove. You haven't smoked enough if you can't go there with this song.  Love it. Love it.   
I really like the version of this song by David Lindley & Hani Naser. This version isn't nearly so good.
Nice cover. His guitar style lends itself nicely to this.
Why does he have to sing? Beautiful guitars (or whatever), though.
Very good remake of a JJ Cale song. He's even better in person.
Is the studio version of this song also in rotation? UPDATE: I see now from the other comments that it's a cover version.