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Neil Diamond — Hell Yeah
Album: 12 Songs
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I can't help to think or Rod Stewart when Neil's name comes up. The arc of thier careers are similar to me - they both had some very decent tunes early on. But they both went, prematurely, over the hill. That slippery slope is sure to make Neil one of the easiest targets here. Anyway, this may be the first and last time I hear this song.
I love Neil Diamond. I wasn't really paying attention to this song, though. Play "Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show" and I'll freak out.
Can't believe I'm about to write this, but for some reason... I like this. Maybe someone put something in my cornflakes this morning :think:
everything he does... sounds the same... same tone, same cadence... I am, he said.... hell yeah, I did.... sorta kinda like.... Captain Kirk :sleep:
https://www.radioparadise.com/graphics/smiles/eusa_wall.gif wall https://www.radioparadise.com/graphics/smiles/icon_beat.gif beat https://www.radioparadise.com/graphics/smiles/icon_drunk.gif drunk https://www.radioparadise.com/graphics/smiles/icon_frustrated.gif frustrated https://www.radioparadise.com/graphics/smiles/icon_puke.gif puke Yup. Neil Diamond.
Neil Diamond was "my parents music". Most of what my parents listened to would cause me to wretch today, however, upon hearing Neil over the years, it's become my contention that this guys voice rocked. He has a lot of talent I wonder what he'd be like with a heavier rock band behind him. I think he could have totally kicked ass if he went a different route than the pop/religious/folk rock route. Or if he just threw us a couple of rock albums. I like the comment about him being the "Jewish Elvis". Nice. Maybe if he put a little more edge in it and learned to shake his hips more. He's got an awesome voice.
theo wrote:
Ok, I'll be the first to say it: "Hell NO!"
You know.........his voice is tolerable and all that. I'm sure Neils mother loves him, but for the sake of all that's human and decent, please keep him off RP! I could just about open my ears for 'Money Talks'...but I'd had to be very stoned! :frustrated:
is he dying?
mikeatlarge wrote:
Poor guy, you have to give him points for trying?
I sing in the shower, and neither does that warrant points for trying.
Bark seal, bark. Either this sounds like something that should've been on the last pink floyd album, or I'm about to reach that special form of insainty where everything sounds and looks alike.
who else is Rick Rubin going to dig up and lay the American IV treatment on? :rolleyes:
Gregorama wrote:
I can almost hear the rustle of sequins...
Zweiblumen wrote:
No, you really don't.
Can't give him a pass on it, because he's so much better than this. Maybe his best songwriting days are behind him, but he's gotta be high on the alltime list for writing talent. This is weak.
Ok, I'll be the first to say it: "Hell NO!"
I can almost hear the rustle of sequins...
Neil still sells out everywhere he plays! He has earned respect even if you don't like his music, which I do!
:lol: Oh, come on, you sticks in the mud... it's super-cheesy fun. Does no one here appreciate kitch?
Zweiblumen wrote:
No, you really don't.
Strange... Neil crept into my head during a bout of restless sleep last night. And I'd been wondering what his newer album sounded like. Meh.
:skull: groan...
mikeatlarge wrote:
Poor guy, you have to give him points for trying?
No, you really don't.
Poor guy, you have to give him points for trying?
Cool....The Jewish Elvis!
Interesting,I thought it was Neil. good to hear him again.