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Sophie Zelmani — Memories
Album: Love Affair
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Total ratings: 12

Released: 2003
Length: 3:14
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As you know
We are here for changes
You must be caught to see
It's the heart that imprisons
But if you're caught
You're not free

So what's wrong
With looking through bars
When you're devoted
To your crime
What's wrong
With being a captive
Except for that a change
Will always come

Memories, memories
Don't change to blue
Memory, I can't live on you

As you know
Things just happens
Sometimes it's just the same
As when beautiful things
And matters
Got as beautiful names

So what's wrong
With pleading desire
And to relate it to you
What's wrong
With being bewitched
Except for that a change
Will always come
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