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Santana — El Fuego
Album: All That I Am
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Total ratings: 79

Released: 2005
Length: 4:09
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Gracias por el fuego
Gracias por el calor briante
Llevo siempre por dentro
Dentro de mi Corazon

Me diste la liberdad
Para buscar mi realidad - Y deal
Encontre la claridad
Y la sinceridad, Y la unidad

A precio todo que me as dado
Tanta lections que me as ensenado
Inconditionalmente me as ofrecido
Tu carino - Y tu amor divino

Me aquerdo de esos dias
Sacando sobre la mismo
Con una sonrisa
Y me abrasaste, Y me dejiste
Que el dia de me suerte, De pronto llegara

Eres la rais divina
Algolio soy la rama
Eres la luz Y la oscuridad
Para ti te dico
Esta melodia pa ti
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I heard this come on and thought.. Hmmm.. a Santana wannnabe. Then to see that it IS Santana! Well, I love Santana, but this is dismally disappointing.
mojoman wrote:
Carlos Santana--bringing you the exact same guitar solo he's played in every song since 1970.
Damn straight. Hate it.
This album has a couple of good tracks and a whole lot of filler, some of it really embarassing.
Mucho Gracias, Senor Bill!
Carlos Santana--bringing you the exact same guitar solo he's played in every song since 1970.
Can't get enough of Santana.
Santan is definitely not 'en fuego' on this album. It's amazing how much the vocalists and studio kit drummer kill his otherwise decent guitar. Thank goodness we can always pull out Lotus, Caravanserai, or Blues for Slavador even when we're sick of Abraxas.
Works for me. I like the energy in Latin music. When those timbales go off, I get shivers...
Ho hum, in any language, is ho hum.
Waiter! Coronas for everybody, and put it on my tab!
yep, gracias por el fuego
Santana can crank out an album like this every couple of years for the rest of his life, and I'll buy it.
I like the instrumental on this, but the vocals seem ho-hum.
Definitely not living up to some of his amazing past work.
Good as he undeniably is - there's nothing new or noteworthy about this selection - 5 of the tracks on the new album are without 'hip' collaborators This is one of them and sounds a bit like a filler to me.
Santana is a legend, true crossover pioneer, and a masterful guitarist. So why do I feel like there's a lot of underplayed, up and coming Latin Rock that I'd rather be listening to here? Maybe I've just heard Black Magic Woman too many freakin' times on commercial radio and its ruined the rest of Santana for me.
enough of this 60s has been. if not for his close relationship with a and r tycoon (and scumbag) clive davis, we would not have heard from this mediocrity for the last 30 years. ya notice how all of his solos sound exactly the same. this is cross over at its worst.