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Golden Smog — All the Same to Me
Album: Weird Tales
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Total ratings: 64

Released: 1998
Length: 2:58
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met a man on a train near Santa Fe
who was dead a minute as a child
fell off a dock
he couldn't swim and his heart stopped
a gold snake slid from the sky
and swallowed him up
he disappeared inside
he disappeared inside
the train stopped in a field of oil wells
a blind girl needed help getting on
the man was drunk from a flask half full of rum
I shook my head
when he offered me some
que sera, he said and took another swig
the train roared up a hill of sickly pines
a small boy chased a ball up the aisle
as the black mouth of a tunnel swallowed us up
we disappeared inside
we disappeared inside
here we go
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 Snugster wrote:
Possibly the worst song on a brilliant album.

I think Jennifer Saved Me is the worst, but this is clearly the second worst. You are correct, however, that the album is quite good. Thank you for inspiring me to listen to it.
 Snugster wrote:
Possibly the worst song on a brilliant album.

Possibly the worst song on a brilliant album.
yikes. all that talent and this is what they recorded?
It's not so much singing as whining.
That is Jeff Tweedy of Wilco Singing.  Gary Louris of the Jayhawks is also in this band.  Great CD!!
Vocalist sort of reminds me of Paul Westerberg... may be the production more than the voice.  The song certainly isn't nearly as strong as a Westerberg song...
This singer is so off key my ears are hurting!
I have always liked this song.
Hey mr. Bill those AUX speakers you were just talking about are 1500.00 a pair. niiiiice/  oh,the song/ it's ok
Well, better late than never!  Good song from a vastly underrated group.... {#Music}
To bad it never gets played.
Yes, my upload got directly added! I love this album. Too bad I don't think they'll get together again to release another one with Tweedy so intwined in Wilco at the moment. But what a great band and some really great tunes. A must have for any collection.