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Blues Traveler — Amber Awaits
Album: Bastardos!
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Total ratings: 49

Released: 2005
Length: 3:38
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Well, I like it! Not their best, by any means, but I still enjoyed it.
mxdcec wrote:
This music is really emberrassing. John Popper's stapled stomach affected his brain.
While your comment about his stomach and brain is probably accurate, you could at least spell "emberrassing" correctly before categorizing a song as such.
I have a mental picture of a girl named Amber, pensively waiting in the train station for her blues traveler to arrive.
speakers off.
was in the middle of saying to myself "this isn't bad for the bare naked ladies" ... when i looked at the title.
Pat Boone...
Meh. 'Salright, I guess.
This music is really emberrassing. John Popper's stapled stomach affected his brain.
Doesn't sound like they've broken any new ground since the late 90s, but this is enjoyable.
LOVE LOVE LOVE Blues Travler. But I agree with the other posters, this isn't their best. Some of my favorites are actually from Straight on till morning, Bridge, and Save His Soul. And as far as tracks go, "Alone" will always be one of my favorites. But this one- just so-so. Then again, maybe it'll grow on me...
- I got a fat speeding ticket - John has lots of those I bet.
i hope that isnt the best that thier new album has to offer ...
I used to like Blues Traveler until a few years ago when I got a fat speeding ticket because I was listening to Runaround and it made me drive way too fast. I have had many speeding tickets in my life but that is the only one where I can remember which song was playing when I got nabbed. for no good reason, I blame BT entirely and haven't been able to listen to their music since...
This reminds me of early Blues Traveler. Good stuff.
Wow, didn't know these guys were still putting out albums... can't top Save His Soul if you ask me. This seems fine, but nothing to shout about.