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U2 — Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
Album: Batman Forever Soundtrack
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Total ratings: 406

Released: 1995
Length: 4:36
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You don't know how you took it
You just know what you got
Oh lordy, you've been stealing from the thieves
And you got caught
In the headlights of a stretch car
You're a star

Dressing like your sister
Living like a tart
They don't know what you're doing
Babe it must be art
You're a headache, in a suitcase
You're a star

Oh, no, don't be shy
You don't have to go blind
Hold me
Thrill me
Kiss me
Kill me

You don't know how you got here
You just know you want out
Believing in yourself almost as much as you doubt
You're a big smash
You wear it like a rash

Oh no, don't be shy
There's a crowd to cry
Hold me
Thrill me
Kiss me
Kill me

They want you to be Jesus
They'll go down on one knee
But they'll want their money back
If you're alive at thirty-three
And you're turning tricks
With your crucifix
You're a star, oh child

Of course you're not shy
You don't have to deny love
Hold me
Thrill me
Kiss me
Kill me
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Have never seen the movie, so not sure how this great song fits in contextually with it. The sound quality really struck me-deep and rich, and overall it just has a bold and ballsy quality,  esp. lyrically.  It should have been on Achtung Baby and not on a commercialized tie-in product. 
One of the best soundtrack-compilations ever... and the holy place where i found that masterpiece of PJ Harvey "One too many" ... (dont´mention the bad movie here)
Mediocre song for a terrible movie.
 eileenomurphy wrote:

I could see that! ....LOL! ....Still a really good song!
I definitely think Bono was doing that as a tribute to T-Rex on purpose.  The first time I heard this, my knee-jerk reaction was "Who the F thinks they are Marc Bolan?"  Now I see it as an homage that might turn younger people on to T-Rex.

well now, THIS is something that you don't hear everyday...      RP                                                          
 noe.architecte169 wrote:
At first I thought It was TE REX 
I could see that! ....LOL! ....Still a really good song!
Wow, haven’t heard this song in a LONG time. Thanks!
shi**y movie but good song
At first I thought It was TE REX