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Richard Shindell — A Summer Wind, A Cotton Dress
Album: Courier
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Released: 2002
Length: 3:55
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I was hers and you were his
The night we met out on that bridge
You knew then what I know now
That love put down comes back some how

The comet came, the comet went
And hid its face in the firmament
I looked once and then turned away
When I looked again it was much too late

A summer wind, a cotton dress
This is how I remember you best
A glance held long and a stolen kiss
This is how I remember you best

The fool I was is the fool I am
I've got a wife, I'm a family man
But when I lay in our bed
I sometimes dream I'm holding you instead


The kids are fine
They're six and nine
I think you'd probably like my wife
But the kitchen light seems much too bright
For what I find myself thinking tonight

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Thanks for a wonderful stream of male musicians who are quite different but yet similar in a way that allows stringing songs together as only RP does as skillfully. I have seen all but Bruce Cockburn, so far.
 LPCity wrote:
A beautiful song and honest too.

But honest in a TMI way. 
A beautiful song and honest too.
 alanb wrote:
I bet his wife loves it every time he plays this one.

I was thinking the same thing,,,,,,,
More Richard Shindell please...
I bet I'd like this better without the tinny live production and Dave Matthews-ish crowd noise.
I bet his wife loves it every time he plays this one.
Knew I knew that voice. He was in Cry, Cry, Cry.
Wow. Nice. Richard Thompson-ish, in a very good way.
...great flow this morning, bill...
good singer songwriter. check out Reunion Hill off this album.
I have been a long time fan of Shindell and his songwriting. Sometimes his vocals struggle a bit during live performances but the writing is solid through and through. Let's hear some more from Courier -- my favorite Shindell album.