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Bright Eyes — Down In A Rabbit Hole
Album: Digital Ash in a Digital Urn
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Total ratings: 61

Released: 2005
Length: 4:13
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I heard you fell into a rabbit hole
Covered yourself up in snow
Baby, tell me where'd you go
For days and days
Did they make you stay up all night?
Did they paint your face that pasty white?
You're thirsty but your appetite
Is chased away

The sun turns us to stone
It's a cloudy day
But we still can't go home
Open our back cellar door
Till we see the moon
We're invisible

No one ever takes the garbage out
A new kid gets dare to touch the house
He runs back only to announce
There's no one home

Does he paint the foil with a flame
Smear the soda, taste butane
For every fear that can't be named
To calm you down

Your heart starts skipping steps
So your farther gone
Then you might expect
If your thoughts should turn to death
Got to stomp them out
Like a cigarette
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There's a riot goin' on...........
 Gregorama wrote:

Whiney, depressing drivel, IMHO.

That's funny. I usually loooooooove whiney, depressing drivel, but this isn't doing it for me.  Of course, I can't stand Conor Oberst's voice, and that's a major factor in my dislike. The music seems better to me than other crap of his I've heard.

Bright Eyes is sometimes called Dylan's successor.  Come on, really? 

As an aside, does anyone remember when he did the big FU to George Bush on I think it was Leno?

A lot of saturation, very bad MP3
Whiney, depressing drivel, IMHO.
I got "I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning" and "Digital Ash in a Digital Urn" releases after reading this article in the new yorker. It turns out that Bright Eyes is basically one kid. The article did a good job peaking my interest, and I like the two albums a lot. I don't think this song is particularly representative of the music, but I can't say that I don't like it.
is this the same bright eyes that i always hear and cringe at? or a different one? hmm. i'm not cringing at this one.
I recently read a rave review of a Bright Eyes show and was looking forward to checking out their music, as I hadn't ever heard it. now I have heard a couple of songs and I really disliked them both...
The songs I hear from this group keep grabbing my attention. They seem to have an interesting approach.
I really like this. Would like to here more. A 7 for now but very possibly an 8. EDIT: Yeh, definetly an 8.