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Bill Frisell — Single Girl, Married Girl
Album: The Willies
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Total ratings: 96

Released: 2006
Length: 3:52
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Vurrrry, vurrrry niiiize.

Everybody in my church loves this music...

I saw Bill at the Continental Club in Austin during his East/West tour. Killer. Something from that album (hard rain please) or Nashville please

Bill Frisell has a new album out called All We Are Saying that is all jazz covers of John Lennon songs...  the clips I have heard from it are not exactly exciting...  but he has a lot of great stuff, and I love this song...  check this out—

I'm always pleased to hear Frisell played on RP!
I missed this one but it's great to see Bill F make it onto the RP playlist.
 PA1749 wrote:
Caught me off guard. Good stuff...

Yes, this is a surprise...  Bill Frisell is awesome...  check this out...  this is live and it still blows my mind—


Caught me off guard. Good stuff...
Nice easy little noodle.
Super stoked to hear some Bill Frisell on RP! Thanks Bill, and Bill! More please!!!! 
Gotta love Frisell!
very nice.....