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Portishead — Numbed In Moscow
Album: Sour Times (single)
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Total ratings: 76

Released: 1994
Length: 3:47
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Awful remix. :no: "Numbed" is a fitting title, as they've drained the song of all its feeling. Please play the original album version instead. :yes: Thank you.
This whole "fake vinyl noise" thing has got to stop. I have no idea who devided it was hip, but for those of us old enough to have had to DEAL with shitty vinyl lousing up our music, it's not a good thing to hear again.
Yes, Portishead has been absolutely ignored for absolutely too long ... absolutely ... hmmm ... must be getting sleepy ... :ask: Anyway; "Roads" is their best ...
About time I heard some Portishead on RP!! While this is not my favorite Portishead song (that honor goes to Wandering Star- a song, which should by ALL MEANS BE ADDED TO THE PLAYLIST) this one pleases me as well.
rgrace wrote:
Beats the crap outta the 70's & 80s :)
Err, I'll give it to you for the 80s but early 70s rocked.
PJay wrote:
Soooo nineties :yawn:
Beats the crap outta the 70's & 80s :)
Bow before the Theremin !!!
Portishead...Ok but this one has me numbed in AZ :sleep:
That was VERY pleasant. One moment I'm staring at pages on my desk, and some trippy trance music comes on. Then Beth jumps in. Of course I prefer the Dummy version, but this has my loyalty for the moment.
Soooo nineties :yawn:
jadewahoo wrote:
Nice.. but I definitely like the DUMMY version better.
I agree... this one is like adding A1 to a delicious sirloin. But I'd still devour it. Translation: No such thing as bad Portishead.
Nice.. but I definitely like the DUMMY version better.
Anyone know what the relationship is between this song & 'Revenge of the Number?'