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Elbow — Fugitive Motel
Album: Cast Of Thousands
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Total ratings: 53

Released: 2003
Length: 4:59
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Oh boring :-& :sleep:
Similar to the artists mentioned below, but with a more down to earth, bluesy and dark (under)tone, which I like.
I found their earlier album "asleep in the back" much better than this. Suggest giving it a try...
General concensus leads us to something like This group sounds like: SEPOCOL HABRECOL...
buddhakowski wrote:
Seal + Coldplay?
Kinda what I was thinking, but I liked it anyway.
RichardPrins wrote:
What he said.
Peter Gabriel + Procol Harem
8) I like their sound
I think I'll just go and kill myself now... :cry:
Seal + Coldplay?