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Annie Lennox — Honestly
Album: Bare
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Released: 2003
Length: 5:01
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The beauty that you gave
has turned upon itself.
And all the things you said

Was I blind,
deaf and dumb
to the words slipped from your tongue?

Alone in my bed,
the things that you said
go 'round in my head... still.
It seems to be true
that nothing I do
can influence you...

I tried and tried again...
(Don't you know that I tried and tried again
to make you listen to me but everything I said-
it always seemed to go right through you)
...to make you notice me...
(I turned myself into a person that I didn't like
but please believe me when I say
I know it wasn't right)
...but, talking to myself...
(I never thought that things would get to
be so complicated. I never thought
that you and me would end up
so frustrated)
...won't catch your attention, I see...
(You'd think that something would come
from all those good intentions,
but in the end I needed something
more than intervention).

Was I mad?
Foolish me
to succumb so easily.
(So easily, so easily.)

Alone in my bed
the things that you said
go 'round in my head... still.
It seems to be true
that nothing I do
can influence you... still.

Fools like me get so easily taken,
and fools like me can be so mistaken.


The promise that you gave...
(Don't you know that the promise that you gave
just turned its back upon me.
I stopped believing that you couldn't
take the whole thing from me)
...has turned its back on me...
(I never thought I'd have to
pay the price to set you free)
...and all you represented was
just my projection, you see...
(you know I never thought I'd ever live
a day without you, and that's the reason
why it makes me sad to think about you-
and you know I never thought I'd make it
if you wasn't there, and now I'm tryin'
to eject myself from this despair).

People come, people go.
Never say "I told you so".
(I told you so, I told you so.)


Everything I know you said,
going 'round inside my head.

Never thought I'd see the day,
always got a price to pay.

Nothing that I ever do
ever seems to get to you...
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