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Deb Talan — Ashes on Your Eyes
Album: Respond II
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Length: 4:12
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My ex-girlfriend's cousin was horribly un-coordinated and by my diagnosis, profoundly socially retarded. She was taking tap dance lessons and one Thanksgiving decided to show us all her progress. My reaction was similar to what I felt listening to this song. Damn girl, either go get yourself some talent or stop emberrassing your sorry self.
These are some of the most artistic and heart-felt lyrics I've heard in years. It takes true talent to combine both without one overwhelming the other.
trekhead wrote:
Sounds like Sam Phillips here.
Or Shawn Colvin, yeah. Not bad.
wow - I really liked that :umbrella.gif:
Sounds like Sam Phillips here.
Excellent song from an artist that deserves to be MUCH better known. Visit https://www.debtalan.com to hear more of Deb's music.
yay, more good obscure music!