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Joseph Arthur — Even Tho
Album: Our Shadows Will Remain
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Total ratings: 64

Released: 2004
Length: 4:41
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Hmmm...A lot of negative responses to this song. There is little doubt that none of these nay-sayers have given "JoeArt" a real listen. This guy is the real deal, one of the most interesting voices out there right now. I've seen him three times live and every time has been a totally different and cool experience. He doesn't make straight ahead rock, he puts his own unique spin on his music which rewards patience. That's why it's on RP, and not some Clear Channel drone!
Great song, I love Joseph Arthur.
Why all the hate? :( This song is brilliant. When the tambourine comes in at about :38 and the guitars come in about :47, now that's when the song becomes orgasmic and it never lets up.
ummmmmm :?:
I had to turn this down so that people in the office wouldn't think I'd suddenly switched over to the "soft sounds" station. "Ho hum" is the rating and very appropriate at that.
His voice sure isn't very appealing.
daveesh wrote:
absolutely horrible
Sorry, cut you off.
absolutely horrible
It catches up to you...give it a chance... A 6.