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The Cranberries — Time is Ticking Out
Album: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee
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Total ratings: 97

Released: 2001
Length: 2:59
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If you really like the Cranberries, don't read the rest of this comment. I used to like them, and I can still enjoy the music for a minute or two, but at some point on a road trip many years ago, I realized that EVERY song Dolores sings contains the same device - repetition of a certain lyric. I should have seen it coming in their first US hit... sing along everyone... "Do you have to let it linger / do you have to / do you have to / do you have to let it linger" Same thing in this song.... zzzzzzzzzz
such negative ratings...Dolores' voice is enough for me for most of their songs, and the album works, even if lyrically they're not as strong as previous albums. Really anything by the Cranberries is good in my book so far.
Kill the messenger
Somehow these lyrics don't sound right in this setting. If Midnight Oil were singing it, I don't think I'd have a problem with it. Not quite sure what's wrong with it here. Its not as if the Cranberries haven't sung about social issues before (ie Zombie). Maybe ithe lyrics themselves were turning me off, even though the topic resonates. Still, I give it a 6 for now.
I'd like this more with decent lyrics