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Eagles — Pretty Maids All in a Row
Album: Hotel California
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Total ratings: 44

Released: 1977
Length: 4:01
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Crazy to me know to think how important this album was to me starting in the 2nd half of my sophomore year of high school, after moving from Washington to California.  I'd dubbed the record onto cassette, which I then listened to endlessly while doing homework, and even better, while cruising in the first car I drove, my dad's red 1986 Chevy Berretta GTU, with the (at the time) loud stock stereo, and rather peppy 2.8L V6.  

It's weird to me to hear this one played alone, this song is supposed to play after 'Victim of Love' in my mind.  Still called it a 9, and I for one (of the few) would love to hear more of this album on RP.  

Long Live RP and songs sung by Joe Walsh!!
Best song on both Hotel California and Hell Freezes Over.
Up there with the absolute best for me. Anyone else hear Roberta Flack.... 'I wanted it too'?
Joe, Randy, Don F & Bernie should've reformed.......

 Hairfarmer wrote:
Best Eagles song ever. imo

I totally agree!!!!{#Dance}
Best Eagles song ever. imo