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Peter Himmelman — Raina
Album: Flown This Acid World
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Length: 4:21
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Step right up: "Peter channels Cat Stevens embodied in Elvis Costello!" Seriously, though, it's a nice tune. Needs a second listening.
Seen several of Peter's live shows... He great!! One you can take yer kids to and they'll have fun... Saw the crayons show in Denver,CO... The area of denver was hit by a power outage... so had them get out crayons, from a local store... then he performed songs about the pictures folks made... Bob Dyan's son-in-law...
I like what he chooses for subject matter. An 8.
As Jon Stewart would say: not so much...
Almost too personal to share. Excellent tune.
I like it. Very pretty!
Uploaded April 01, 2004 This is about his daughter. If you like this, you've GOT to see this guy live. He is very entertaining. Great singer/song writer, and he's very funny.