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Album: Never Gonna Let You Go
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Length: 4:00
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Please see this couple in concert if they come your way. Stacey and Mark are so genuine that you will fall in love with them and thier music (and yes, even her voice). Their recorded music gives no justice to how they perform live (as with any musician). Lastnight was the second time I saw them perform. Stacey has a heart-tugging story to tell about the son she recently reunited with after giving him up for adoption 29 years ago (she was only 15 at the time). It was his BIRTHDAY lastnight and she called him on her cell phone. We all sang happy birthday to him. Please check out Stacey and Mark's website for more information. www.staceyearle.com
Cloying, insipid, altogether forgettable.
Dave_Mack wrote:
What a terrible thing to say.
If you think that was bad you should see what this moron said about Susan Tedeschi. He's definately got some issues.
mxdcec wrote:
Occasionally you read a headline about the death of a singer, i only wish her name was in the story.
What a terrible thing to say.
DisplacedNorthrnr wrote:
"yuh sher dew tern meyawn"
hope she wasn't talking about her cousin...
Make this stop. Please
"yuh sher dew tern meyawn"
definitely a prettier voice than her brother. Saw her play live once with Jeff Black in the-middle-of-nowhere Kansas. Great show.
skindy wrote:
Erm... hmm... nope. Her voice is way too treacly, curdles the milk. :puke:
She's growin' on me. But still...not quite sure what to think...
Erm... hmm... nope. Her voice is way too treacly, curdles the milk. :puke:
Almost an 'Emmylou Harris ' quality there. Nice.
I've no clue who these people are, but by the end of the song I was sold. My first thought was along the lines of "you gotta be kidding!" But her cartoon voice whispers lured me in. Neat!
Yea! One of my uploads is played! I saw Stacey and Mark live at the Cabaret Oldtown and this song really impressed me--it's so soft--very sexy.
Wow... apparently Victoria Williams has been cloned. Hope this one's health holds up better...