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Corey Harris — Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning
Album: Live at Starr Hill
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Total ratings: 271

Released: 2001
Length: 2:27
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I love what Corey Harris does in keeping these great deep old blues alive.  Sometimes, though, it seems to me these songs are too beautifully played.  Maybe I'm wrong, but that muddier, more haphazard sound you hear on the bad old recordings is also something to keep alive.
sweet!     8 )
Never heard this before, but I really like it.
Echoes of Mance Lipscomb!
Yes she can dance.
Wholly inappropriate: 

Jean-Claude van Damme dancing

Jean-Claude made me do it. But he's keeping time...

This sounds old timey, like they's hounds baying out through the pines, and the cicadas are singin' in the sultry air. I dig.

I prefer the full-on instrument version, but this is good too.

This is an excellent rendition of the old Blind Willie Johnson song.  I love the guitar technique of keeping the bass line going while playing slide at the same time.  The vocals here are also just right, although BWJ's singing is quirkier and more interesting.  A note about the lyrics:  I always thought BWJ was telling fellow Christians not to get *worldly*  because the work is almost done, but CH may have it right when he sings it as "not to worry."
I am sure the song title is a euphemism for something. . . I'll have to ask Mrs Poacher and see what she thinks. 
 cohifi wrote:
I'm in the 8 group....swell followup to Mr. Harper !

Sounds bout right, add me in!{#Wave}  8
I'm in the 8 group....swell followup to Mr. Harper !
love this slide guitar...and the fact that songs like this show up on RP
Nice job of the delta sound - the slide, the twangy steel.