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Slaid Cleaves — Broke Down
Album: Broke Down
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Length: 3:04
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how about one of the songs off of slaid's most recent cd..."like poets do" is pretty choice...he has so many good ones that it's a shame only one is on the current rp playlist!
favorite track on a mix CD my bro sent me in the mail
I saw Slaid Cleaves a couple of years ago in smoky bar in Dallas, and this song brought the house down. The studio version just doesn't do it justice.
I like it. Sounds a bit like the Dirt Band. Remember them?
Best thing to come out of Maine through Ireland and ending up in Austin. You want a more uplifing song? Listen to "Horses" off his latest, "Wishbone." "If it weren't for horses and divorces, I'd be a lot better off today..."
This song has grown on me from coming up through the LRC.
I love Slaid Cleves, but all of his songs are depressing, maybe even more than Jackson Browne. This is one of his best.
My favorite Slaid Cleaves song...nice :goodvibes.gif: This whole album is fantastic.
usually listen to this CD on my lunch hour. real nice.