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Halloween, Alaska — You're It
Album: Halloween Alaska
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Total ratings: 60

Released: 2003
Length: 6:26
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The more I hear this, the more I like it. Intricate, smooth, just a great vibe. 7>8.
wow — guess I was in a totally different frame of mind a year ago!  This sounds pretty mediocre to me today...  {#Stupid}
Kind of boring
I hate that I feel obligated to listen to an entire song I don't like just to fairly give it a poor rating.
"Call It Clear" off this album is one of those songs I would have never heard if not for RP, and it's since been on my iPod songlist for long drives. Thanks, RP!
Sounds like Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel) playing bass.  Interesting song with shades or Robbie Robertson.
This is a boring song. If they were trying for atmospheric, they missed.
Nice groove to this tune - a little down-tempo feel.  Odd, 7-year span from the first comment to the second - had it not been played in all that time?

One listener's elegaic is another's snoresville. I'm afraid that, for these ears, and for all the distinctiveness of this sound, this song has slipped the same side of the line as, say, all of Sigur Ros' songs, which I'm reminded of. Lullaby music for the early hours {#Sleep}
I really like these guys.  Very cool style.
Wow, very unique, fresh, and smooth. I love this. Thanks Bill!
This recording sounds messed up.  Not sure if it's me or not.
I really like this, I am a sucker for bells!{#Lol} 8
What a cool song!  I've never heard of this band — Thanks RP!  Definitely worth checking out more of.
please play this song in regular rotation! it's so beautiful, as all of halloween, alaska's music is.