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Gotan Project — Una Música Brutal
Album: La Revancha Del Tango
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Released: 2001
Length: 3:54
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Descubrimos vos y yo
en el triste carnaval
una música brutal
melodías de dolor
Despertamos vos y yo
y en el lento divagar
una música brutal
encendió nuestra pasión
Dame tu calor
bébete mi amor
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I'm spoiling my very first comment on RP to say i'm happy to hear this song ! 
Gotan is lovely. If you like, have a taste of their Tango 3.0 album
 Andy_B wrote:
Great tango from an accomplished group.  An 8 right out of the box.
For those, like myself, who are limited to the English language; Google translate says:

We discovered you and me
in the sad carnival
a brutal music
pain melodies
We woke up you and me
and in the slow digress
a brutal music
ignited our passion
give me your warmth
drink my love

I really like hearing this on RP! This was often played in the trippy bars in Tokyo and Yokohama around 15 years ago and I've missed it
Great tango from an accomplished group.  An 8 right out of the box.
One of my favorite songs by Gotan Project.
For those who like this kind of  music and something similar, I recommend to check out Dancas Ocultas, album "Tarab". {#Cheers}
Another group RP introduced me to, much to my musical joy. Happy New Year, all! {#Cheers}

I really enjoy when RP plays Gotan Project. Takes me back to my time in Spain.

{#Bananajumprope} First play!
Lovely bit of music, that.

Gotan Project, 04 by ~negative-infinity

Gotan Project
Traumzeit Festival, Duisburg, Germany

"Scent of a Woman":

"The Tango dance scene from the movie Scent Of A Woman (1992) where Pacino plays a blind retired Lieutenant Colonel. This is the only time when Al received his Oscar.
The music is "Por una cabeza" by Carlos Gardel and the girl dancing is Gabrielle Anwar."

Gotan Project - "Una musica brutal":

4 years now.. {#Sad}
Three years later, still not played. That's a travesty. C'mon, B&R, let this one come out and play!
noyou wrote:
Uploaded April 01, 2004
And then never played. To everyone's dismay.
Uploaded April 01, 2004