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Susannah McCorkle — Manha De Carnaval
Album: Most Requested Songs
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Total ratings: 63

Released: 2001
Length: 4:47
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It's just splendid! I liked the sax... mmm...smoky, sexy... A good classical bossa-version.
I'm brazilian and this song is very very boring for us, it tunes only abroad. Here I think nobody know her.
:drunk: :drunk: :drunk: :drunk:
:sleep: :yawn: ...need...espresso...now... This song would be nice at the cocktail hour, maybe, but at 8am it's waaaaay too mellow for me!
I can't speak a word of Portugese... :kiss: ...but I think I just had an accident. Does anybody have a towel?
mmm ..., wonderful sax solo.">
nice and warm voice on a typical rainy day ...
Too bad she killed herself. Great voice. Dan
mrkuryakin wrote:
Smooth and smokey. Nice! Aynybody know who's on sax?
Google search suggests it's Scott Hamilton.
Where's my martini?
Smooth and smokey. Nice! Aynybody know who's on sax?
Manha... tao bonita manha... Ai que saudade do meu Brasil!
Her Portugese sounds pretty good to me. Does anyone know if she was fluent?
Glad to see this added from the reviewing list.