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Malcolm Holcombe — No Place to Be
Album: A Hundred Lies
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Length: 3:28
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Perfect song when you are living off the grid down in old Mexico sitting around a clay fired chiminea over looking the Sea of Cortez waiting ... for the stars to come out.
Perfect song on a day where I'm back home from being on the road.  
Good song, but sounds like he was in the middle of a serious bender when he recorded this! :drunk:
that was perfect for the mood!
Depends on where you are wandering.
PHENOMENAL guitar work! And prfect gravely voice for blues singing. This man has found his metier! :guitarist: :cowboy:
Just heard his song " no place to be" loved it :tongue:
jazzface78 wrote:
i havent had the pleasure of hearing these last 2 artists, ever more, now
WHAT?!? Nurse, this patient needs 60cc's of Brothers In Arms-STAT!
Excellent transition from Mark Knopfler! I was thinking it would be a nice segue. Malcolm's last album is very Knopfler-ish....to my ear at least.
:hug: Malcolm :hug:
Yep - to repeat myself from another post - Malcolm is awesome. Glad to see he's getting recognized here. You can find out more and watch his tour schedule at www.malcolmholcombe.com. If you can EVER see him live, do it. It's an experience you won't soon forget. Just (one of many) friends and huge fans in NC.. Laurie
Wow. This is cool. I like the playing.
I'm not a major blues fan, so I treasure blues that blows me away. This is totally cool.
i havent had the pleasure of hearing these last 2 artists, ever more, now
Yeah.... now this is great stuff.