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Dar Williams — The Christians and the Pagans
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This was fun! Happy Holidays, everyone!
I love Dar... every time I hear her sing, I want to hug her.  {#Hearteyes}
Tiny little Dar often makes a big impact. {#Sunny}

Love it
This Pagan was moved to tears...thanks, Bill!
Very fitting song for these days... This song always makes me feel kind of sad, but also feel like chuckling at the same time. If nothing else, we should all TRY to get along!
I've been a longtime fan of Dar Williams, and this was one of my favorite songs by her. Funny, I haven't listened to her music in some time. I'm glad someone decided to upload this song to rp.
Wow! I had almost forget I had submitted this almost a year ago. Rotation time will be short, but it's nice to hear it.
I'm not sure if I've heard this before, but it sure made me smile -- I think I'll send a nickle to Bill.
I love this song. I play it every winter. Can't we all just get along. Thanks for playing it Bill.