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Steve Morse — Modoc
Album: High Tension Wires
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Released: 1990
Length: 2:12
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I saw the Dixie Dregs back in the '80s... Steve Morris is amazing then, and amazing now
Thanks Bill!  Love me some Steve Morse!  I remember he was nominated guitar player of the year several times by Guitar Player Magazine in the early 80's.  Finally got to see Deep Purple, forget the year, at Mardi Gras in Galveston, TX.  Steve Morse was with them then.  Little Feat also Played!  F an A!  What a show!
 Schmackdown wrote:
Reminds me a bit of falling water. Quite good, IMO.
interesting response to this quite nice music  : )
Does anybody know if he named this song after Modoc, the elephant? There's a few books out there about this true and amazing story of a boy and his elephant... Just wondering, as the music kind of suits it!
Niiiiiiiice ...... thanks.
Nice music to read a book with.
Very nice. Takes the edge off an otherwise enraging workday
oooooo yeah!
He reminds me of Michael Hedges. Good show!
Great to hear Steve Morse on RP. This guy is an amazing guitarist.
Great to hear this - - Morse has nice touch, and great phrasing as a guitarist.
Woot! Steve Morse! Howzabout some Eric Johnson as well? THANKS!
wow.... nice to hear
Perfect and sweet.
Reminds me a bit of falling water. Quite good, IMO.