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Val Davis — The Blacksmith's Fire
Album: Immortal
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Total ratings: 87

Released: 1996
Length: 3:44
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I wish this was on a bit more frequent rotation.
Gawd but Bill is good. The transition from Steve Stevens to Val Davis is seamless and sublime. Kudos!
Time check for Val.
Yay, Val! It's great to hear this one again.
i can't believe that they didn't edit that dog howling in the background. it sounds like it is in a lot of pain.......wait that is no dog, that is the singer! lobster claw
Such a soothing voice and sound! Very nice!
The more I hear this, the more I like it.
I guess I spoke too soon last time. It's been a while. Nice to hear Val again.
Good to see this one in more frequent rotation.
jagdriver wrote:
Haven't heard Val before. Is the rest of his stuff worthy?
yes it is! you can listen to his music at his site. (click here)
Haven't heard Val before. Is the rest of his stuff worthy?
Nice....but why is that link for "VH1 Classic Metal Mania: Stripped" showing up? :lol:
I like this song even more every time I hear it.
Maybe we can get a duet recorded with Val and Still? Nice track.
Ya know I was sitting here working at the 'puter, digging this, thinking it was almost familiar.... I don't come in here when I'm working on something unless I either really like it or really hate it...Then when I came in to rate it, I saw it was VAl ;) Long time, no hear. I really like this.
February 28, 2005 Still sounds good Val.
January 15, 2005. And I still love it. Val is a long-time RP member.
Found the song to be a little dry, common... Probably sounds great at a local venue, but not sure if its got the stuff or interesting enough to make a larger splash.
... and december 2nd 2004. wow, are we having a discussion yet :-?
And 11-17-04.
October 4, 2004 18:24 BST and I DIG it, too!
It played on Sept. 4, 2004 as well.
It's playing today and I dig it!
Val!! this played 4/21. I know you like to keep track of that and the last played isn't keeping up to date :clap: great song!!
I thought it was some of tull's more recent stuff But... No Flute.... Good though.
Go, Val! This is terrific! :bounce:
Very nice Val. I didn't recognize your voice. Imagine my surprise when I looked up to the "Now Playing" area and saw your name!
rgj13 wrote:
yay Val! :clap: :guitarist: :highfive:
I agree! Sounded great and didn't realize it was Val til I took a look-see! :jump:
yay Val! :clap: :guitarist: :highfive.gif: