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Yes — The Clap
Album: The Yes Album
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Total ratings: 41

Released: 1971
Length: 3:16
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I say,  wrong song playing......

Shazam says Andy Hunter
If you get the "the clap" {#Stop} there is medicine for that now{#Whipit}
Godlike. A master piece, like all the work of this wonderful and awesome band 

Steve Howe, Yes - "Clap", "Mood for a day" Live:

"  "Mood for a Day" is a three-minute nylon-string guitar instrumental tune by English rock band Yes. It was written and entirely played by Steve Howe.

The song is included in the album Fragile and as all five members of the band contributed one track of their own design to this album, Steve Howe, the Yes guitarist, did this as a solo guitar piece."