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John Hartford — In Tall Buildings
Album: Me Oh My How The Time Does Fly
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Length: 3:22
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PSD button, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

John was probably my favorite artist back in the day.  Such a great talent, great mind and even better sense of humor.

I still miss his so! 
Mr Bojangles
Mot wrote:
When did we switch to country?
Easily my least favorite genre, but this is quality stuff. Lyrics are strong, too.
When did we switch to country?
For the encore at a recent Bela Fleck show in Orlando, the rest of the band left the stage and Bela played a set of Johnny Hartford's songs on John's Banjo. A lot of the crowd didn't get it, but there were tears shed here and there. We have a great debt to those who have gone before.
The first couple of measures reminds me of the song Mr. Bojangles.
Big thumbs up on the John Hartford :bounce:
this is some real fine old tyme music
It's time to invest in a whole bunch of John Hartford's work - he was the diminutive, powerful "second fiddle" to Glen Campbell, but his light burned so brightly, it was impossible to ignore, and he carved out his own niche in the world of country and country-rock music. Damn, it's too bad he couldn't have lived to be a couple hundred years old. His music is timeless; his body should have been, too...
Sad, but true. :clap:
Now THAT'S John Hartford. He fares much better here than in that funny little cover of Stevie Wonder. Ahhh.
such a sad song...makes me wish for a return to hunting & gathering :cry:
One of my all-time favorite lyrics. I used to always have the hand-written lyrics from the cd booklet blownup and prominently displayed in my cubicle before I started working from home.
I've never heard this before... it is quite nice
Beat to the punch again! Keep it up gang! YEAH!