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Santana — Feels Like Fire (w/ Dido)
Album: Shaman
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Total ratings: 248

Released: 2002
Length: 4:37
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I'm telling you it's over
Now there's an angel
Holding me
My way's easy
Even if you're fallen
Or you're struggling
Ther's still beauty
In what we do

So que sera
Let's go sailing on
There's a wise man
In every fool

I say come back
Come in from the cold
Into the warm
I feel like fire
Guiding you back home
As darkness falls

So everyone stands in line
Cos they wanna stay alive
To wait alone
No dog no bone
And then you find it's over
Still it tears your heart
To slip away
From the crowd

But if you have
What it takes
To return to where
All the world
Knows your name
Then que sera
Let's go sailing on
There's a wise man
In every fool

I say come home
Leave it all behind
And settle down
I feel my love
Can give me what I want
For all time
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Kind of surprised I'm hearing Dido on RP.  She's like the yacht rock artist of the 2000s.
Santana and Dido? But yet it works?!?
Such a recognizable guitar sound. No doubt about who it is.
Holy hell, Santana has the most amazing collaborations. Every time he joins up with someone, my brain freezes in wonder. And how can I rate this an 11?!
Like it! Love the voice of Dido, but here it's much more relaxed than in her "own" songs. :)
This is really nice! I always loved Dido's singing, and who doesn't love Santana?
Never heard this tune before, giving it a 7 for now.

2nd hearing 6 months later, like it about the same. 
Sticking with 7.
Still only 111 rankings.