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Elbow — Switching Off
Album: Cast of Thousands
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Total ratings: 43

Released: 2003
Length: 4:56
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Reminds me very much of a series of Robert Wyatt solo albums that he made back in the '70s and '80s. Quite nice....
Could this guy have listened to Peter Gabriel now and then? Ya think?
Wow, I went to write this comment about how interminable this is and discovered I had already lodged the sentiment - quite recently in fact. A testament to the fact that I slept through it last time because I have only a vague recollection of writing it! I gladly sucko-barfoed this tune :D
please end soon!
Beavis, this song sucks above all else that sucks.....
Yuck! My rating for this song: 1.0 Paws out of 10 This review has been brought to you as a courtesy of CrumbCat . © Copyright 2003 by CrumbCat, all rights reserved.
It's still playing
Get the album Asleep In The Back by Elbow. It is one of the most íngenious albums from the UK I know of. In the same category as Radiohead\'s OK Computer.
Should be followed by the Kings\' \"Switchin\' to Glide.\"
I usually refrain from commenting on the songs that I don't enjoy but this thing is just too painful. :(
Is this ever going to stop??
Just how long does this go on for?