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Loop Guru — Caravan
Album: Loop Bites Dog
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Total ratings: 82

Released: 1997
Length: 3:52
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Feel happy while listening...!

This is cool...  we be dancing...

Now loop rope around neck and take a short jump off a tall chair.
:bounce: :drummer: :bounce:
I normally like folk and 'world' music - but not this one... :stop:
Makes me want to change the station.
mary wrote:
I couldn't agree more!
I could... I could agree more. Make it stop, please!
I love the name Loop Guru, and I do like the Eastern influence. But trance music in general gets boring after a minute or two. Not the best work-day music.
OOOOh, the variety is amazing. How do they do it, the way songs segue into each other in ways I never imagined. And I do like this very trance-like song.
Love the beat, love the Indian (?) vocals. I just wish there was more to it like strings or even a sitar.
I totally agree with the comments shared in the last post....the last thing we want fro RP is a tight play list! Hey...I love folk....too...BUT...give me a dose of Dub...a dose of Techno...a dose of Bluegrass...and yes...even some country blues....I could even get into a little Tommy Gun Clash action. It's all about opening the ear canal and then keeping the brain open to new stimuli.
why is it every time something is not folksy classic, people start complaining. VARIETY is what makes this station so cool. :?: :?: :stupid: by the way, loved the song. :sunny.gif: :jump:
hppycmpr35 wrote:
May I be the 1st to ask that you destroy this song?
I couldn't agree more!
I've been a Loop Guru fan for years. This album, and especially Amrita and Duniya, are the best, although the new one is certainly listenable. Avoid Fountains of Paradise - this one is mostly just sound effects. Please play more of them! :cheers:
May I be the 1st to ask that you destroy this song?