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Greg Douglass — Garcia's Last Gig
Album: The Natives Are Restless
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Total ratings: 249

Released: 1985
Length: 3:27
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mighty fine artist (wiki'ed him - Associated actsThe Greg Kihn BandSteve Miller BandEddie MoneyTom FogertyVan Morrison - Yowzah : )
 Like water over rocks in a trout stream.

Awesome playing.
One of those musicians everybody has heard but has never heard of.
What a lovely piece.
Most excellent.
Also, we might hear more new music if people would give it an upload chance.
Clever instrumental with a song title which precedes Jerry's demise by ten years. I wonder if Greg Douglass influenced Adrian Legg, someone we don't hear on RP. Gee, why is that Bill?
just the right dose of melancholy !  excellent piece :)
Delightful picking. 
Holy moly, everybody in my homeless camp loves this music...  we be dancing like bowlegged gypsy muleskinners...
This is new to me.  This is great. 

Greg Douglass, past member of band "The Greg Kihn Band"?  I do not know exactly the previous work of this band that was started in 1976, and I think still be active, with a formation completely different from the original elements, and was also part Joe Satriani.

is this the same guy from hot tuna? he;s great{#Guitarist}
Well, that was great. Yet something else to aspire toward.
Wow. Wish I could play like this!