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Rich Price — Empty Glass
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Length: 3:45
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This sounds really good on the stereo, listening to it over and over. Need to hear more of this songs. :music:
I like it, but I'm imagining this guy's apartment is COVERED with Nick Drake posters.
What a wimp. I'm not hearing any talent here.
David Gray's long lost twin maybe? :cowboy:
"She ran calling Wildfire..." :whistle: Nice song.
Why do I not like these lazy-voiced, acoustic guitar -strumming boys? I should like them. They have all the right ingredients. But I do not like them. Maybe it\'s because along with their lazy singing (which suits me fine), they tend to have lazy lyrics. Aside from the title phrase, this song doesn\'t have much to say.
Very nice, thanks. :clap:
Sounds a lot like David Gray, which isn\'t necessarily a horrible thing.