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Album: Amparo
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Total ratings: 354

Released: 2000
Length: 4:12
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Just announced 20 yr RP. Whose going first? I couldn’t live without the music of RP.
One of those “stop in your tracks” pieces of music.

Ta, B and R!
Upping my rating to 8 from 7.
This tune needs more room to breathe than it gets.  Thanks RP.
 a very nice suprise !!!!
again a reat example of mr. goldsmiths taste and variety!

thanx - 
Variety is the spice of life, and also why I listen to RP.
3, literally, "ho-hum."
Thank you for this.  I had forgotten about the great talent of Lee Ritenour.
It sounds so dramatic and I love it cause all my life is like a big endless drama
Ritenour is a fine musician- when he and I were kids I saw him and he was fine. He's gotten better and better. The Grusin brothers are outstanding jazz guys- I forgive them for going "smooth" for those bleak years... Try t catch Dave at Kuumbwa or Laguna Hills sometime, he's amazing in an intimate setting. 

Lee Ritenour 1 by ~artistmarty
©2009-2010 ~artistmarty

Lee Ritenour
North Sea Jazz

Lee Ritenour at JJF 08 by *anind
©2008-2010 *anind

well,  not understand why this song is closed in the trunk of RP Station since Oct 14, 2003 -   ** 9 **

I have and highly recommend this CD.
Thanks Radio Paradise for bathing my soul with this selection.