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Groove Armada — But I Feel Good
Album: Love Box
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Total ratings: 107

Released: 2002
Length: 5:16
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The horns remind me of that "Great Adventure" (six flags in NJ) commercial.
I'm jivin' on this! :jump:
I think the record skipped. Give the tonearm a tap.
my sentiments exactly. ^_^
suzebee wrote:
LOVE THIS! Just what I needed to boost my energy level today! Dancin' at my desk! :D/
Meeee too! :jump:
LOVE THIS! Just what I needed to boost my energy level today! Dancin' at my desk! \:D/
did they put the first 10 secs on repeat..._
Not my "thing." Remarkably low rating. Sometimes it's nice to know my taste isn't way out in left field.
Wasn't this the theme to that great teen comedy "Fast Times at Butterfield High"? Or maybe I dreamed it...
Does anybody else think the singer at times sounds a LOT like Bill Carter (from The Screaming Blue Messiahs)?
Great :roflol: :jump: dance song, i love it :jump: :tongue:
But this is giving me a headache! uuggh
Hmm, too early to down a scotch, too late for a Mimosa... where's my bong? :drunk:
4.1? Really? Oh, you're no fun anymore. :wink:
what happened to groove armada? :?
Gotta wonder how long it took the dude to come up with the lyrics !!
Butter feel good, butter feel high! Keys and lighta, saturday nighta, taxi driva here's a fiva = wide grin when it's quarter to free on Wensdy arternoon, head deep in work and I needed summit upbeat, specially after that Santana track! RP winz evry tima.
This isn't a "groove", more like a deep rut. Way to repititious.
Not dreadful,...just a bit repetitive.
<-X too good + too high = too many repeats :headshake:
This is dreadful! :cry:
A little tequila and I\'d be dancing around carelessly to this music. :bounce:
I feel pretty good myself, but like I got your point. Pleasant and bouncy enough, lyrics a tad inane though. :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
Not some of GA\'s better works. \'Lovebox\' was a very disappointing listen. :(
But it makes us feel bad why play it?
:bounce: But I do feel Good!