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Robert Palmer — Why Get Up
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Beats me, Robert.
I had to stand up and dance.
Why get up? Well, it's a lot easier to get far away from this song if I get up and run outside! Horrid.
RIP, Robert
Interesting path that Mr Palmer was traveling here. Sad that he's gone now. He was an interesting musician and was (at times) very creative and original.
Businessgypsy wrote:
That's why I left NOLA anyway.
Wow. Too bad. I can see why such a thing would drive you out... and why simply being surrounded by some of the best music on earth in all the styles you could possibly imagine wouldn't keep you there. :rolleyes: :lol: That said, may I add to the gleeful chorus of "YESSES" on this song! I've never caught this version before, and I really dig it! RIP Robert Palmer. :cry:
i didn't know this was palmer! geez.
Occasionally musicians pass through New Orleans (physically or aurally). They hear Rebirth's phat tuba (actually a used Jefferson Parish School Board Sousaphone) bass line, any number of funky asymetrical left handed piano riffs, and some found object percussion. Hey, if these yokels can do this (thinks the supastar), why not ...appropriate a bit 'O dat for my next um, effort. The flattery is appreciated, but how about playing a bit of the source from time to time. Iguanas, Darrell Hammond, Radiators, Rebirth - hell, play some lesser known Dr. John. These guys deserve some kind of recognition before they catch a bullet. That's why I left NOLA anyway. Hang in there, Robert. Dressing well is the best revenge.
I was kinda hoping to hear the \"Sailing Shoes\" medley...
Note the tuba bassline...rather corny tune, but hearing a tuba on the low end somehow mitigates the negative corn factor a wee bit. Corny is good SOMETIMES--the danger is getting carried away with it!
Gotta love Palmer.. Almost lost hope after lack-o Power Station. Dig it... :bounce:
I like this! It has the funky style which suits his voice so well, and such innovative instrumentation! Add to that a beat that keeps me groving, and I\'m a happy girl. :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
Why get up? To put on some better music.
Originally Posted by Leslie: Well I love it Mr. Buckles! :moon:
butt-worthy indeed! :p still awful!
Best version I\'ve heard, and I love the Thunderbirds\' version.
I should like this song because A) I never want to get up and B) I am addicted to sleep (especially at my desk). Just can\'t get into this song though. Bring back Power Station! Now there was a band. :roll:
robert does it again, takes something great and puts his own original spin on it...rp finds another gem!
Originally Posted by pilgrim: no you don't ;)
Well I love it Mr. Buckles! :moon:
Somehow this resonates with me, especially as I try to find gainful employment and the months stretch on and on... :(
I like OLD Rober Palmer but he definitely has better stuff than this song.
It feels like this is starting to get a little overplayed.
Palmer and Bryan Ferry...Best Dressed men in rock...I like this :bounce:
Originally Posted by CompuTech: You just gotta' love this! :cool:
no you don't ;)
You just gotta\' love this! :cool:
Great Stuff! What next, Rundgren\'s \"Bang the Drum All Day\"?
RP never ceases to amaze. :wave: :wave: :wave:
What a nut! Do you think one of those chicks in a black rubber suit is playing that tuba? I dig it cause it so craazay. I just heard one of them playing a trash can in the background. And yes, the T-Birds have a version that is nothing but fine, fine, fine.
The Fabulous Thunderbirds do a great version of this song.
I use to like Robert when he was a Little Feat Wanna Be.
What a rollicking tune! It wakes me up (coupled with the coffee and chocolate covered donuts I\'ve got)!
I have a new theme song! :clap:
Is that a tuba I hear? I often feel the same way when my alarm goes off.
:lol: My thoughts exactly Mr. self_destruct, however who hasn't had a whole week of just wanting to stay in bed.
This is more of a Monday song... ;)