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Sam Phillips — Flame
Album: The Indescribable Wow
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Total ratings: 51

Released: 1988
Length: 2:31
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Flame why do I come so close to you
Vain telling me what I shouldn't do
I saw you smoldering before
I let him burn me to the floor - Flame

Flame why do you paralyze my soul
Pain if I hold you or let go
There's nothing bluer than your heat
You make the night bleed at your feet - Flame

Break my fall into this wild fire of love
Stolen from dreams

Flame why do I dance so close to you
Stained with the longing of a fool
When fires rise the shadows fall
Over the edges where we crawl - Flame
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is anyone else getting a little bit of "the killing moon"?
Ummmmm......I think i'm digging this......
"Martini's and Bikini's" is one of my all time favorite CD's in any genre. This is very nice as well. Definitely an artist who has never gotten her due.
Cool! T-Bone and Sam in the same morning!!! You go Bill/Rebecca! An 8.
To add to that, she was called Leslie Phillips when she was recording as a CCA. (Contemporary Christian Artist). Sam was T-Bone's nickname for her. And thus now her new recording name. Never has gotten the due she deserved in either genre. Thoughtful songwriter. Inventive and intense. (And the CD pictured above on the left is NOT Sam Phillips. Gotta get the name right & get the correct CD linked.) See correction of the CD name in post below.
The CD is actually called "The INDESCRIBABLE wow". Which i don't have... but, the CD's Cruel Inventions and Martinis & Bikinis are pretty stellar if ya ask me. Killer lyrics, great songs. They play "Go Down" on R.Paradise, I'd request it... kickin' song. Trivia: She was originally a contemp. christian artist, but the labels didn't like the subjects she wanted to sing about. She's married to T Bone Burnett; seen her live, with T Bone on guitar (opening for Counting Crows on the T-Bone produced "satellites" CD tour). Also seen her perform solo. Both were amazing.
God, I love this album. If I loved this album any more, we would have to elope. Can you marry a record, legally, in the states? Probably not. The whole album is fantastic. Thanks for playing this track!
Sam is sooooooooooooo cool.
I like it too. Nice voice, nice rhythm. I looked for it too and couldn\'t find it. How are Sam Phillips\' other CD\'s?
Really nice. I wish the CD this is from was listed. Anybody know?