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Eels — Rock Hard Times
Album: Shootenanny!
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Total ratings: 52

Released: 2003
Length: 3:52
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ndanger666 wrote:
And this is rock hard ordinary. (Yawn)
Although I disagree 100%, this still had me laughing pretty good
remember the Seinfeld episode when they are making the pilot Seinfeld show? This reminds me of the music they used (or might have used) behind the opening credits of the pilot - kind of a spoof on the bland music that one might expect opening a perky,fatally flawed sit-com.
Okay. I can't help but think "Friend of the Devil" at half-speed when this song starts up.
WAH! WAH! WAH! I get enough whining from the children in my life. The Eels owe me an apology for being a great band that released this monstrosity.
And this is rock hard ordinary. (Yawn)