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Joseph Arthur — Speed Of Light
Album: Come To Where I'm From
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Total ratings: 25

Released: 2000
Length: 4:24
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Good night New Orleans
Things are exactly as they seem
But I'm nowhere around
Hello Mexico
You're where I was told to go
If I don't want to be found
There's no end to the winter
Waking at the break of dawn
In the middle of summer
Living at the speed of light

Someday we may
See each other and look the other way
But I'll love you just the same
And if you hate your life
Just remember there used to be a time
When we could not feel a thing

In my heart is a hunger
I will never give away
Just try and stop from going under
'till the dawn of judgment day
Living at the speed of light
Living at the speed of light
Living at the speed of light
And burning your love on the way
Burning your love away
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Love it! Too bad it never gets played. not everyones cup of tea I suppose... I am impressed with the collection of JA tunes on RP... too bad they don't get played.
I have enjoyed other tracks from this artist, but this one needs to go. Not my cup of tea.
Interesting bio on AMG.. any other tracks? :)
very evocative and moody