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Joseph Arthur — Eyes On My Back
Album: Come To Where I'm From
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Total ratings: 15

Released: 2000
Length: 4:02
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I wish I had
Open eyes
On my back
So I could see
My life
Going past
Seems when
It's good
Goes to fast
And when it's gone
You can never
Get it back

Try and take a picture
Through a dirty window
Try to touch your shadow
Fading when you follow

I been alone
For so long
It's hard to track
Down in a hole
No one knows
In the black
I know that soon
All the dogs
Will attack
I wish I had
Open eyes
On my back
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Too Bad this will probably never get played again from the looks of things. I give it a 10 just to counteract the barfers.
Ok, so this isn\'t his best song. But just listen to \"Honey & Moon\" and maybe you\'ll forgive him this one. Or maybe you\'ll hate it too. Jeez, does nothing please you people? :)
I wonder if Peter Gabriel is getting royalties for that drum track. I thought it was \'Intruder\' from across the room!