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Annie Lennox — A Whiter Shade of Pale
Album: Medusa
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Total ratings: 37

Released: 1995
Length: 5:14
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I am sitting here trying to come up with a logical explanation of why I really REALLY don\'t like this. All I can come up with is that its crap! :roll:
Yea, too bad such a great singer couldn\'t get a real band to back her up here. This could pass as the musak version...
No, this just doesn\'t work. I understand that the focus of this is her vocal performance - and that the focus of the original was that incredible keyboard work. So it HAS to be different. But that tinny, tinkly synth and the vague synth sting pads through the song - beacuse you ARE listening for the majestic keyboards, out of decades of habit - just make it sound underwhelming, underthought, and underproduced. So it\'s not worth it to have her sing over it, no matter how soulful. This is really bad.
I think Annie\'s done a very good homage/update/tweaking of this venerable nugget.
have... to... stop... that... now... :cry: if you\'re going to play a cheesy song, the original has the merit of, at least, being original. wonder if this one has already been covered in a belafonte groove, or what about a hillbilly version. but please, not the same stupid programmed keyboard. :frustrated: if god was listening (up there in paradise), he\'d put an end to that. i guess he has more important stuff to cater to, today. oh well. (pimp)
Sometimes when you hear a cover like this, you just realize how much you liked the original. That preschooly keyboard has gotta go....
I own this CD, great bubble bath, female empowerment music... but this is not the strongest track on there... I\'ll have to listen again and see about uploading...