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Dar Williams — Whispering Pines
Album: The Beauty of the Rain
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Total ratings: 83

Released: 2003
Length: 3:54
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If you find me in a gloom, or catch me in a dream
Inside my lonely room, There is no in between.
Whispering pines, rising of the tide. If only one star shines
That's just enough to get inside. I will wait until it all goes 'round
With you in sight, the lost are found. Foghorn through the night, calling out to sea
Protect my only light, 'cause she once belonged to me. Let the waves rush in. Let the seagulls cry
For if I live again, these hopes will never die. I can feel you standing there.
But I don't see you anywhere, standing by the well, wishing for the rains.
Reaching for the clouds, for nothing else remains, drifting in a daze, when evening will be done
try looking through a haze. At an empty house in the cold, cold sun.
I will wait until it all goes 'round. With you in sight, the lost are found.
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Hmmm, inoffensive until the bloke joined in at which point it sucks big time . It makes Bryan Adams cheesiest offerings seem palatable from that point on. Early part made me think of Judie Tzuke but not a patch on even her late 80's stuff.
Ethereal and beautiful.
Lovely, lovely. I always thought this was The Band's prettiest song, and hearing it sung by a more "refined" female vocalist makes it even prettier. The duet at the end is almost an echo or reminder of the original and would be unnecessary except maybe to break a creeping hint of monotony.

WTF?! What's up with the cheesy dentist office garbage??

Jesus, I think I'm going to vomit. I haven't felt this ill since Peebo Bryson and Celine Dion did Beauty and the Beast.

I have to say Sucko-Barfo to my ears. Sounds like the stuff I hear at my dentist's office, followed by Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong.
Interesting duet. 
Lovely sound. More people need to find out about Dar. This is attractive to my ears while someone like Ellis Paul only draws winces. Personal preference, I know. Too each his own. I think I feel that I would prefer this a bit more if hers was the only vocal.
One of best songs the Band ever wrote - Richard Manuel penned it, I believe. Nice version.
This is nice. I think Dar Williams has a sweet quality to her voice.
Wow, I really hate duets. Especially this one.
never really liked this one by the band, really don't like this version . . .
Hmmm. Sounds like it wouldn\'t be out of place on a \"Twin Peaks\" soundtrack.
About as appealing as a polyester pants suit. Sorry, just not my cuppa I guess. :(
I first heard this song when the ledgendary Vin Sclesa played it on his Saturday evening show on WFUV (Fordham University, Bronx, NY) back in November and I was totally captivated. Vin said he was so moved by hearing the song while driving to the studio that he had to pull the car over... A cover of the stunning song by The Band, it sounds unlike anything else Dar has ever done before. In fact, her new husband asked her about recording one of his favorite songs and this is the one he chose
Don\'t look now, but those \"Hooters\" guys (Bazilian/Hyman) have their hand in this CD as well... Those guys are all over the place! Q
Originally Posted by Antigone: Who is singing back-up on this song?
Cliff Eberhardt and Alison Krauss
Who is singing back-up on this song?