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Hooverphonic — Vinegar & Salt
Album: The Magnificent Tree
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Total ratings: 50

Released: 2000
Length: 3:13
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I...like the things that you hate
And you...hate the things that I like
But it hurts
Honestys your church
But sometimes
Its better to lie
I...am the vinegar and salt
And you...are the oil that dissolves
My frustration
Honestys limitation
But sometimes
Its better to lie
I am the vinegar and salt
And you are the oil that dissolves my frustrations
But sometimes...
I dont dare to ask why
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It pains me that I just gave a Hooverphonic song a 3, but this is a pale shadow compared to the great music on Blue Wonder Power Milk. I have to agree with the conventional wisdom that Hooverphonic has changed their sound to more of a mainstream sound. Oh well, at least the first two discs ruled.