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John Mayer — Your Body Is A Wonderland (live)
Album: Any Given Thursday
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Total ratings: 41

Released: 2003
Length: 5:36
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I like john's music, on the whole, but this album is aweful! In many of the songs, all you can hear is the screaming of the little girls. It's a shame...
It probably helps when you\'re a girl of about 14, but considering that, a nice, romantic song (Are some of us angry \'cause it reminds us of a time long gone?). For that target group it\'s this or ghetto and doom songs I guess.
definitely NOT John Mayer's best... but still damn good! (let's hear "Neon" instead)
God, this guy is pathetic. Please, please lose this, Bill.
:roll: why?why?why? why does this boring talentless geek have a record contract? what does any thinking person see in him, music or imagewise? his parents must be in the biz because there is NO other explanation! pleeeeze, anything but this garbage
The absolutely first song played on RadioParadise that made me look elsewhere for my listening pleasure. Let it end!
Augghhh. Blugh. Gack. Oh, well, I guess I can't like EVERYTHING on RP.... Two more things.... they DO know how to pay their instruments.... and that guy's voice is REALLY scary. "Yer baudy is a woonnnnnderrlaannnngghhhhh..." Man.
I hear this WAY too much already on FM :(
Wow. I actually kind of liked that song before I heard this version. The teeny-bopper girls screaming and doing sing-along were unbelievably irritating. That was included intentionally on the recording, too--probably a microphone on the audience. The recording engineer could have excluded it if he so chose. I will give him credit, though, for not pulling the oldest and lamest live recording trick of them all--having the audience sing the lyrics FOR him. (I can\'t hear you...... LOUDER!)
I just want to say again - AWFUL SONG! There - got it out of my system! - Riff
Sounds like the crowd from an NSYNC concert screaming in the background
The First Dave Matthews imitation. Not to bad. (pimp)
Between the simpering/whimpering vocals and the bleats of pubescent teenyboopers this song succeeded in driving me off of Radio Paradise for the duration of its' awfulness. Sheer agony listening to this....bring back the Bay City Rollers or Menudo.