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Massive Attack — Butterfly Caught
Album: 100th Window
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Total ratings: 217

Released: 2003
Length: 7:26
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Weightless falls honeysuckle
Strangers (strange this)
Lights from pages
Paper thin thing

Protected by the naked eye
Pearly sunrise

Nearly worn
Kneeling like a supplicant
Darkened skin
Afraid to see
Open lips
Keep smiling for me
Darkened skin
Afraid to see
Open lips
Keep smiling for me

Weightless cool honeysuckle
Fair skin freckles
Uncut teeth
Tranquill eyes
Bite my lips
Bite my lips
Under your feet
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Sorry was “parson” . Fingers fault.
Tengo 71 años y me parecen un parón. Thanks a bunch Bill!
Nice and trip hoppy.
Watch the video.
Bought this CD about a week ago. Listened to it on the car stereo. Man. If you\'re depressed about a breakup or are out of work, do NOT listen to this CD! Gothic, depressing, and grim in the extreme. It\'s kinda self-indulgent, like the worst of Goth, and even Sinead\'s vocals can\'t save it. In fact, I wonder if she decided to retire at the tender age of 36 after cutting this depressing piece of work? This isn\'t dance music, it\'s cut-your-wrists-in-the-tub music. Yuck.
I don\'t get it. Two repeated measures with a drone does not deserve more than a 3-rating in my book.
Nice find, Bill! Sounds great. Excellent set. :)
Not one of MA\'s best imho but quite likeable. This is the first time I\'ve heard this tune. It\'s growing on me as I write. Puts me in de drone zone. The silky viola (or is it \'cello?) at the end filled my mind like the lingering finish of a good wine.
I judged way too early...that cut finished strong!