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Boubacar Traoré — Sabati
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Length: 4:25
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Also: Damon Albarn (Blur) went to Mali and made a really wonderfully eclectic album with Mali musicians. Simply beautiful, might upload something from the album... Poppier, less 'world' than this.
not bad, until i was struck with a headache due to its severe repetition.
Ah listening to Car-Car. Mali! What a wonderful place and people. Try some songs by Amadou and Miriam. They are an older, blind couple who met in \'blind school\'. The absolutely rock hard. (really)
I like it. This song and lots of other interesting ones are on a Putumayo compilation called Mali to Memphis. https://www.putumayo.com/cd_africa/mali_to_memphis.html
Interesting at first, but by the end it was getting a bit repetitive.