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Damon Albarn — Tennessee Hotel
Album: Mali Music
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Total ratings: 44

Released: 2002
Length: 3:36
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Wow... back from the past... first comment in 11 years and I kinda like it!
I agree with superfido -- based on what I've heard of Damon and his friends, there's no risk of me going out to buy the CD in the foreseeable future. (Or in the unforeseeable future, for that matter.) I appreciate the fact that they're trying to mix a number of disparate instruments and sounds. Unfortunately, they haven't hit the right combination yet. :(
I\'m originally from Tennessee, and I\'m still trying to figure out what this song has to do with hotels in my home state.
Now all of these Damon songs seem to be pretty ho hum. Tedious, lacking something, uninteresting really. I have been sitting here trying to figure out exactly WHEN one of these songs would be the right song for the occasion. Which occasion would it fit with, and no, not even tripping i\'d say (although i\'ve never swallowed the paper, just stuck it on my tounge :p (Worked for good ol\' bill)) anyway back to the point, if there is one, the music is simply without a moment. Not dinner music, too much going on and too repetative, not party music, too boring, and not enough entertainment value, not chillout music, not interesting enough and kind of annerving, not trip music, too ordered, not humping music, cuz what would be the point, not driving music, because the repetative nature would only eventually lead to uncontrollable road rage, not \"i want to express my creativity by myself\" music because it isn\'t subtle enough to blend in with the surroundings, thus being a deterrent to creativity rather than conducive to it....and so on and so forth, and yes, i do actually have better things to do with my time than write comments no one will read so... his tunes, i guess, simply have no place in my record collection.