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Damon Albarn — Bamako City
Album: Mali Music
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Total ratings: 126

Released: 2002
Length: 4:03
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Thank you, PSD button, for bringing me here! 8
First time in ten years!  Lets see if people's appreciation of World/roots/whatever-you-call-it music has changed!

Would be great to hear 'Sunset coming on' from off the same record.
Brilliant segue. Vienna Teng - Soon Love Soon singing \'and we will be as one people\' and then a very distant cousin from Timbutu drops in singing about something nobody can understand. It\'s cool though and someone gives him a beer. Nice.
I\'m pretty open-minded to new sounds, but this one just doesn\'t work for me. I\'m pretty sure whatever they\'re doing, they\'re doing well, but danged if I can tell.
Could we have some Ali Farka Toure as well?
The concept of dreck apparently is universal, as demonstrated by this \"whatever-it-is\"
This is exactly why I usually turn off RP around lunch.
Well, I certainly can\'t argue with that.